Hire Rates


Aircraft Hire Rates Current as of 12 April 2024, Subject to Change (hourly wet hire including GST) 

Membership Tier Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
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Insurance Reduction Program

Bronze and Gold membership have an insurance excess of $10,000.

Silver and Platnium membership have an insurance excess of $5,000.

The fee is annual, and the club is self-insuring the excess for pilots that have paid the
insurance excess reduction fee.

Minimum Hours for Extended Hires

In order to maximize utilization, the club charges a minimum number of hours for extended hires. The intention of this rule is to prevent lost utilization when an aircraft is taken away for an extended time.

All booked time between 8am and 5pm tallying more than 4 hours on a given day requires a minimum flight time of 2 hours per day (Saturday/Sunday/public holidays) and 1 hour per day (Monday to Friday). Time after 5pm and before 8am is not counted towards the 4 hour tally. Ad hoc bookings on the day are exempt for that day e.g. if you turn up and there are no bookings that day, you may take the aircraft for the remainder of the day without any minimum requirement. The minimum daily amounts are totaled for the whole period for multi-day hires, and can be distributed at the pilot’s discretion over the duration of the hire.

Exemptions or modifications to this rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only if arrangements are made before the flight. You must contact the club committee well in advance of your flight to request any special consideration in this regard. The club encourages members to make extended use of the aircraft, provided this does not unfairly disadvantage other members or jeopardize utilization targets.

When a minimum requirement is not met, please bring this to the attention of the Curtin Flying Club Inc Secretary and pay the minimum at the time you pay for your flight. We will detect minimum hour requirements not paid and you will be asked to make good.